About me - an early 30s, tried a lot of things, now personal trainer, looking to help people achieve goals.

Having worked with vulnerable people for many years as a therapeutic support worker / teaching assistant / youth worker, I am now a mental health nurse and find little joy in the job... mainly because the 'system' tells me to fill in copious amounts of repetitive paperwork and I don't get to spend time with vulnerable people... which is what I'm good at!

Maybe you are in this 'vulnerable' category? You feel vulnerable exercising? You don't want to expose yourself in the gym? You don't want people to see that you’re not good at something?

Powex Health and Fitness (Melissa) is grrreat at giving people confidence. A psychology degree, a post-graduate diploma in psychoanalytic understanding of people and a post-graduate diploma in nursing (that's one degree and almost two masters - my masters is to come!), I have a brain! I can motivate and teach you different ways to train your body.

Tell me your goals and fears and I will find a way to address your need. Circuit classes, HIIT classes, 1:1 and small group training combined with a listening ear and an attempt at help you listen and understand your body better.